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The latest model of HNB smoking device IQOS is equipped with a touch screen and controllable pause function

On March 13, Philip Morris announced the launch of the new IQOS ILUMA i series [...]

With 100 million smokers, the penetration rate of e-cigarettes in Europe is surprisingly low!

According to the latest research from the global tobacco harm reduction organization GSTHR, the number [...]

The UK’s National Health Service still recommends that smokers quit using e-cigarettes

Although the British government is considering banning disposable e-cigarettes, the head of the British National [...]

Director of FDA Center for Tobacco Products supports full transition of adult smokers to e-cigarettes

In an article published in the scientific journal Addiction, Dr. Brian King, director of the [...]

Review of the international e-cigarette industry in 2023

“2023: A Year of Regulatory Challenges and Misinformation in the International E-Cigarette Industry” 2023 has [...]

A brief analysis of the development status of Imperial brand new tobacco

Recently, Imperial Brands, one of the international tobacco giants, announced its performance report for the [...]

WHO’s statement on e-cigarettes has been strongly opposed by harm reduction experts from many countries

On December 14, the World Health Organization issued a statement urging action to prevent e-cigarette [...]

Imiracle brands ELFBAR and LOST MARY are supported by the Philippines and continue to increase their exposure to the Southeast Asian market

Recently, iMiracle’s brands ELFBAR and LOST MARY have successively released new products in the Philippines, [...]

Ireland, a country with more than 5 million people, has launched a public consultation on e-atomization! ?

According to the Irish news website NewsTalk, Ireland’s Health Minister Stephen Donnelly has submitted legislation [...]

Are disposable e-cigarettes banned in France?

Recently, a piece of news has attracted attention. France announced measures for a “smoke-free generation”. [...]

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