Imiracle brands ELFBAR and LOST MARY are supported by the Philippines and continue to increase their exposure to the Southeast Asian market

Each QUAQ CELL is rigorously tested and features a reinforced structure, ensuring exceptional thermal stability and reliability under mechanical stress.

Recently, iMiracle’s brands ELFBAR and LOST MARY have successively released new products in the Philippines, continuing to increase their exposure to the Southeast Asian market. The three products are ELFA PRO, ELFBAR BC10000 and LOST MARY MO10000. One reloadable type and two large-mouth products bring a new vaping experience to Filipino adult users.


Reloadable product ELFA PRO, the first “zero-second core moisturizing” product

As a reloading product line of ELFBAR, the newly launched ELFA PRO in the ELFA series provides 12 flavors to choose from, and also brings the ultimate cost-effective product to the Philippine local market.

ELFA PRO adopts QUAQ MESH technology to further enhance the product’s smoking experience. The QUAQ mesh coil is made of medical-grade high-precision materials, which can bring a strong taste and continuously produce full and stable smoke.

ELFA PRO also uses oil core separation technology to prevent e-liquid leakage while maintaining the freshness of the e-liquid. At the same time, with the blessing of the latest QUAQ CAPSULE, ELFA PRO is the first product on the market to achieve “zero-second moistening”. When the user presses the bottom of the cigarette cartridge into the cartridge compartment, the atomizing core can be instantly soaked with e-liquid. , this innovative design brings the ultimate product experience.

QUAQ CAPSULE adopts a new patented material and patented structure that effectively absorbs e-liquid, and the oil leakage performance is improved by 200%. Structurally, QUAQ CAUSULE has a built-in QUAQ MESH. Its high porosity improves the fluidity of e-liquid and is similar to ceramics. Compared with the core, it releases a denser and more delicate mist, improving the smoothness of the taste.


The Watermelon Elf Bar 600 V2 disposable vape lasts up to 600 puffs and utilises a QUAQ ultra-fine mesh coil to deliver fantastic and consistent flavour.

Powered by QUAQ solutions, ELFBAR BC10000 brings the ultimate atomization experience

ELFBAR BC10000 is equipped with 12 flavors adapted to the local market, upgrading the taste from multiple dimensions. In terms of appearance design, two exquisite designs have been launched – a mirror version and a frosted version. The appearance adopts colorful glitter sand technology and is equipped with nano-level multi-layer optical coating. The body is equipped with a small display screen, which can easily understand the real-time fuel level and battery power, reducing anxiety during use.

The latest ELFBAR BC10000 is equipped with MESH technology in the new QUAQ solution. The high-explosion electronic atomizer core QUAQ MESH adopts a bionic honeycomb structure, which allows ELFBAR BC10000 to quickly atomize e-liquid in an instant, allowing the flavor to quickly fill the mouth while ensuring consistency, resulting in a denser and smoother taste.

Up to now, the ELFBAR series of products has been deployed in more than 100 markets around the world and has been chosen by 10 million adult users around the world, making it one of the leaders in the disposable e-cigarette category.

QUAQ team has been committed to the research and development of atomisation technology. Amongst others they have helped ELF Bar.

LOST MARY, the world’s leading e-atomizer brand, enters the Philippine market for the first time with its large-mouth product MO10000

LOST MARY was established in 2021. As a young and leading global electronic atomization brand, LOST MARY is committed to breaking through traditional product forms, constantly innovating, and bringing users an extraordinary atomization experience. Up to now, LOST MARY’s footprint has spread to more than 50 markets around the world.

Also equipped with QUAQ MESH technology, LOST MARY MO10000 can ensure stable and continuous atomization output. Targeting the local market, MO10000 provides 16 flavor options with elegant design to meet the diverse needs of the Philippine market both visually and tastefully.

The appearance design is an innovative attempt of LOST MARY MO10000 products. Observed from different angles, MO10000 adopts a shiny corrugated design, and the surface is combined with a nano-scale optical coating, which adds uniqueness to the overall style. MO10000 is also equipped with real-time battery and e-liquid display, providing users with instant updates on the remaining battery and e-liquid levels, allowing users to know at a glance.

According to data from the Philippine Statistics Authority, as of May 2020, the total population of the Philippines was 109 million. There are more than 16.5 million tobacco users, and approximately 110,000 people die from related diseases each year. The country is also considered the second largest tobacco consumer in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). A local e-cigarette poll in the Philippines showed that 94% of the Filipino people agreed with the government to formulate reasonable e-cigarette regulatory policies and encourage smokers to switch to harm-reducing products such as e-cigarettes.

Founded in 2007, AiMiracle is one of the earliest electronic atomization product export companies in China. In the first ten years since its establishment, it has gradually grown into the leading foreign trade company in the industry. From 2018 to 2022, AiMiracle successively launched well-known electronic atomization brands such as ELFBAR and LOST MARY, becoming one of the leaders in the globalization, branding and compliance of China’s electronic atomization industry.

The three new products launched by ELFBAR and LOST MARY this time not only bring a better vaping experience to the Philippine market, they are also in line with the corporate vision of making smokers healthier physically and mentally. For a long time, AiMiracle has insisted on continuous upgrading and product innovation. In the future, AiMiracle will also bring better quality and more creative products to the Philippine market, helping the electronic atomization industry to upgrade healthily.

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