E-cigarette trend: Removable batteries help sustainable development

The use of removable batteries in e-cigarettes is expanding. In addition to disposable e-cigarettes, removable batteries are beginning to be used in reloadable e-cigarettes. Prior to this, reloadable e-cigarettes generally used built-in batteries. Similar to disposable e-cigarettes, reloadable e-cigarette battery rods also had the risk of polluting the environment after being discarded.

Recently, New Econ has launched a set of removable battery solutions for removable products – Trine. This technology ensures safe battery disposal by integrating EcoDrain™, a cutting-edge battery discharge technology that provides battery Processing’s eco-safe solutions set new industry standards. It specifically addresses the challenges associated with handling discarded batteries, ensuring they are safely discharged before recycling.

This technology minimizes fire hazards and actively reduces the harmful impact of battery waste on the environment. Designed with patented technology, EcoDrain™ provides an efficient and safe method of battery discharge, providing a reliable solution for battery waste management within e-cigarette cartridges.

Removable battery: the wind starts with disposables, not just disposables

The reason why removable batteries have attracted much attention is that disposable e-cigarettes are under pressure from public opinion overseas that they are not environmentally friendly. Many countries and regions have claimed to ban disposable e-cigarettes. For example, New Zealand has promulgated regulations in 2023. The new regulations require that from From September 21, 2023, all e-cigarette devices sold in New Zealand will need to be equipped with removable batteries.

Under the influence of relevant regulations, many e-cigarette companies have followed suit and transformed. Companies such as ThePaper Cloud, Mokuai, Mijia, and Vipjite all have related products. Battery suppliers have also launched removable batteries. Related companies such as Kaiyuan , Yiwei Lithium Energy, Xiangdian Energy, Yaozheng Technology, Ranxu Electronics, Kaifeng Energy, Huahui Energy, Hunan Longteng New Energy, Shenzhen Flash Charger, Dongguan Juneng, CRRC New Energy, Tianjin Lirong, etc.

Some professionals pointed out that removable batteries are generally capacitive batteries. This type of battery is also called a supercapacitor, or superelectric for short. Its structure is highly similar to a capacitor. In the middle is a special electrolyte that has the function of storing electric charges. It is characterized by its small size. , has good capacity and high cycle times, but it has higher quality control requirements for suppliers.

Supercapacitors charge quickly and can reach more than 95% of their rated capacity in 10 seconds to 10 minutes. They have a long cycle life and can be used for 10,000 to 500,000 deep charge and discharge cycles. There is no “memory effect”; large current discharge Super capability, high energy conversion efficiency, small process loss, high current energy cycle efficiency ≥90%; high power density, up to 300W/KG~5000W/KG, equivalent to 5~10 times that of batteries; product raw material composition, production There is no pollution during use, storage and disassembly, and it is an ideal green power supply; the charging and discharging circuit is simple, no charging circuit like a rechargeable battery is needed, the safety factor is high, and it is maintenance-free for long-term use; the ultra-low temperature characteristics are good, and the temperature range is wide -40 ℃+70℃.

In addition to capacitive batteries, removable batteries can also use 18650, but the limitation of 18650 is that it is large in size, and the positive and negative electrodes cannot be at the same end.

Well, judging from the latest industry trends, removable batteries that can bring environmental protection attributes have attracted much attention for disposable e-cigarettes, but its application will not stop at disposable e-cigarettes, and is also expected to be used in reloadable e-cigarettes. , CBD, HNB and other types of products.

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