The latest model of HNB smoking device IQOS is equipped with a touch screen and controllable pause function

On March 13, Philip Morris announced the launch of the new IQOS ILUMA i series device, which is equipped with a touch screen and controllable pause function.

IQOS is a line of heated tobacco and electronic cigarette products. Explore our smoke-free alternatives.
IQOS ORIGINALS · Time-tested HEATCONTROL™ TECHNOLOGY heats tobacco with a blade from inside the tobacco stick

IQOS ILUMA is Philip Morris International's latest generation of heated tobacco product (HTP). Launched in 2021, it combines innovative technology that works
 IQOS, a new electronic nicotine delivery device marketing itself as a high-tech, luxury product has entered the U.S. market

IQOS ILUMA i takes IQOS to new heights and is the latest innovation in Philip Morris International’s smoke-free product portfolio, offering a range of advanced features for a cleaner, more flexible experience.
The IQOS ILUMA i series offers three models: IQOS ILUMA i PRIME, IQOS ILUMA i and IQOS ILUMA i ONE.
The addition of a touch screen allows IQOS ILUMA i users to quickly and easily view experience-related information such as heating status. Three types of information are displayed on the touch screen: heating status (heating in progress, heating completed), remaining usage time and remaining usage count, which can be confirmed by the lighting pattern of the LED indicator.
In addition, IQOS ILUMA i introduces a pause function. By sliding up and down on the touch screen, users can pause and resume from where they left off without worrying about wasting a cigarette cartridge.

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