Disposable RELX Pods Flavours Original Wholesale Price

But no matter how amazing the vaping device is, it’s only as good as the pods that go with it.

Thankfully, the RELX pod range includes some of the best e-liquid flavours available on the vaping market.

They’ve created an impressive range to suit every vapers taste, with RELX flavours including everything from the ever-popular fruits like strawberry and watermelon to the staples like classic tobacco and menthol.

Given the popularity of fruity flavours, we thought it made sense to limit our top 5 list to fruity RELX pod flavours.

But we doubt you’ll be disappointed with our selections after giving these RELX pods a try!

Our pick for the top 5 best RELX flavours 2023 are:

  1. Fresh Red
  2. Garden’s Heart
  3. Golden Slice
  4. Tangy Purple
  5. Zesty Sparkle

All of these 5 pod flavours have something to suit every taste bud, whether you’re a seriously sweet fruity flavour fan, or prefer a more fresh flavour.

So, let’s talk about RELX fruity flavours!

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