RELX pod flavors have 18 fruit flavors Official Price

Thankfully, the RELX pod range includes some of the best e-liquid flavours available on the vaping market.

They’ve created an impressive range to suit every vapers taste, with RELX flavours including everything from the ever-popular fruits like strawberry and watermelon to the staples like classic tobacco and menthol.

Given the popularity of fruity flavours, we thought it made sense to limit our top 5 list to fruity RELX pod flavours.

But we doubt you’ll be disappointed with our selections after giving these RELX pods a try!

Our pick for the top 5 best RELX flavours 2023 are:

  1. Fresh Red
  2. Garden’s Heart
  3. Golden Slice
  4. Tangy Purple
  5. Zesty Sparkle

All of these 5 pod flavours have something to suit every taste bud, whether you’re a seriously sweet fruity flavour fan, or prefer a more fresh flavour.

So, let’s talk about RELX fruity flavours!

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