0 nicotine of e-cigarettes in Nigeria started in the Middle East?

Recently, I saw a piece of news that attracted attention. An international e-cigarette brand HYLA announced the signing of a distribution contract with the UAE Sahara Trading Company. This means that this e-cigarette brand will be able to sell e-cigarettes in eight countries in the Middle East, and it is still a “nicotine-free” vape. It also said that at least 100,000 pieces will be distributed every month.


It is reported that Sahara Trading, a large trade and distribution company in the Middle East, announced that it has obtained a distribution agreement for Endexx’s Hyla “nicotine-free” vape products in eight countries in the “Middle East”. HYLA is also a zero-nicotine electronics company that Endexx announced in September last year Tobacco companies decided to expand the international distribution network in the Middle East and other regions at that time. In the first month after joining Endexx, HYLA received two new purchase orders of more than 200,000 pieces.

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(Won the distribution of eight countries in the Middle East)


The UAE-based Sahara Trading company, Sahara Trading, will organize and lead the distribution in the region, aiming to sell at least 100,000 units per month as the expansion wraps up.


Todd Davis, CEO of Endexx, also said: “Using Sahara Trading as our partner and integrating distribution in these eight countries can quickly deploy Hyla products in the Middle East.”

“International expansion and distribution points into markets with mass consumer product appeal accelerate our ability to grow revenue exponentially over the next 3-5 years.”

From here we see a few things:


1. The Middle East is an important growth market for e-cigarettes.


2. The Middle East is also developing the 0-nicotine e-cigarette market.


3. Large channel traders in the Middle East are also increasing the distribution of e-cigarettes.


The Middle East has endless space for the e-cigarette market, and a large number of smokers support the foundation of the market.


According to the “World Population Review” report, there are nearly 500 million people living in 23 countries in the Middle East, and an average of 20% of people smoke every day, that is, 98 million regular smokers. Statistics cited by “BioMed Central” suggest that 45-51% of the population will use e-cigarettes in their lifetime.


For e-cigarette brands, the opportunity in the Middle East is the space for the crowd.


This channel company in the Middle East is a company that sells fresh fruits and other categories. It is the most important wholesaler and supplier of fresh dates and dried dates. Now it has also increased the channel distribution in the field of electronic cigarettes.


What is even more concerning is that Endexx also operates CBD products.

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Endexx subsidiary CBD Unlimited has been the lead developer of Hemp-Derived products. It has also established joint ventures with strategic partners in entertainment, marketing and distribution over the years. The company has made strategic acquisitions over the past few years that are now consolidating to accelerate the company into its revenue growth phase. The beauty series Blesswell developed by it will also appear in many large chain stores in the near future and is expected to become a household name in the next 1-3 years.


Its HYLA is 0% nicotine.

The 100% plant electronic atomization brand and manufacturer, except for the different atomizers, the number of puffs and tastes are almost similar to electronic cigarettes. Its headquarters is in Los Angeles, USA. According to its official website, the Hyla plant-based disposable vape device is a new innovative device that does not contain nicotine, but instead uses guarana seed extract, a natural energy agent found in Brazil. Powerful seed extracts combine with a botanical blend of aromas to produce a vegan disposable vape. The device comes in a variety of surprising and unique flavor combinations not yet seen in the US, UK, etc. vaping scene, can produce up to 800 puffs, and provides a cleaner, healthier vaping experience.


At present, the Middle East is replicating the European and American markets a few years ago, and the market demand for new categories such as e-cigarettes will show an obvious upward trend. Electronic screen products will also be more and more favored by consumer groups, and will inevitably become an important development trend in the future.


It is worth thinking about how to start the first step in the Middle East?

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