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E-cigarette ingredients must be of high purity and e-cigarettes should deliver the same amount of nicotine when puffed at the same strength and duration.

Poland is an important potential market in Europe, and its number of smokers ranks third in Europe. 33% of Poles are smokers, second only to some countries in Greece and Bulgaria.

It is reported that some important e-cigarette events will be held in Poland in September and October, which may be a peak point in the Polish market. For example, Warsaw Electronic Cigarette Exhibition, according to its official website, nearly 60 brands participated. Poland, where events are held every year, has also become an important venue for e-cigarettes. Moreover, Poland is also an important channel distribution point for many countries in Eastern Europe. Relying on Warsaw gradually becoming a commercial center, and having very convenient transportation hubs with the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia and other countries, it has become a new commodity distribution point in Europe.

01 The Polish market is huge.

Poland is a country with a high proportion of smokers in the EU system, and most of them are between the ages of 25 and 40. There are many male and female consumers, which determines the space of the Polish e-cigarette market.

In Poland, more and more consumers tend to use e-cigarettes instead of cigarettes. Especially since 2016, early companies such as Sigelei, Aspire, Kanger, and Jirui have increased their efforts in the development of the Polish market.


According to Polish data, Poland will maintain a compound growth rate of more than 10% in the next five years.


At the same time, the Polish market, which is close to Central Europe and Germany, is a bit like the German market, and has a very high acceptance of e-cigarettes.


02 Dozens of brands will gather in Poland.

Judging from the recently announced list of this year’s Polish exhibition, ESMOO, FLONQ, VAPES BARS, MONSTER LABS, Blacout, A-SENSE, VAMPED, NEXT LEVEL ,MKGvape and other companies will participate.


Judging from the booths, there are about 60 positions.


Judging from some online channels in Poland, brands such as OXVA, Hellvape, Vaporesso, and Vandy Vape are all exporting new categories in Poland.


And it focuses on light portability, with large battery, fast charging, bright color design, air regulator, display screen, current battery level, battery level, operation mode, and even screen rotation, brightness adjustment or display color change, etc., to inform the battery charging How many minutes it takes to reach 80-100% of the time and so on. The large unit also features a column-free construction, making assembly easy for both novice and seasoned users. There are some small pods with charging treasure and liquid storage tank.


03 One time has an important market in Poland.

A special survey of some online stores in Poland found that the more exposed ones are still one-off. Especially Tornado, Crystal, Elf Bar and the like.


According to the data of TRAVELLER SHOP in Poland, MKGvape, LAFIvape, MYbar Nano, Crystal, BRO, SALTICA Breeze, etc. have a very high shelf rate of 800 units. And mostly the shape of the kettle is too much.


In addition, other channels in Poland, such as vapekorner, myvapor and other platform channels, see Tornado, LAY BUY, ELUX, Last Mary, Gold Bar, ZOVOO Drag Bar, Biffbar, Dr Frost Bar, Hyppe, SMOK VVOW, Elf Bar, Nasty Fix, etc., relatively popular.

Vaping is totally legal in Poland. You need to be 18 years or older to purchase e-cigarettes in Poland. Vaping devices can be purchased ,Shake and vape products are popular in Poland, accounting for approximately 80% of e-liquid sales made by vape stores. Vape Club Poland | elektroniczne papierosy poland vape E-papierosy – sklep Poznań, papierosy elektroniczne Vape Club Poland. Kopiowanie treści, obrazów, grafik w całości lub części bez zgody Właściciela stron


Polish consumption patterns

The number of mouths on the market generally exists from 800-10,000 mouths. In particular, the author obtained information from a Polish channel dealer. He said that Poland is currently mainly one-off, and the market demand for 5,000 or even 10,000 ports is relatively large.

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In terms of stores, in fact, there are many e-cigarette stores in large shopping centers and supermarkets in Warsaw. For example, the first MYVAPOR e-cigarette store in Poland is located in the Mokotów business district in Warsaw. It has brands such as Joyetech, Eleaf, Wismec, and Smoktech, as well as practical e-cigarettes such as boxes, hosts, pods, atomizers, and coils.


The way the store is displayed is a bit like a mobile phone store.


Channels in Poland include e-cigarette stores, convenience stores, gas stations, etc., which require a license to operate, and the procedures are more complicated.


According to the survey, the most frequently used social media in Poland are YouTube and Facebook.


04 Polish e-cigarette policy

In Poland, e-cigarettes are allowed, but with restrictions. E-cigarettes are classified as tobacco product control.


In Poland, in commercial transactions, e-cigarette liquids and innovative products that are not marked with a customs clearance mark are not allowed. To comply with packaging requirements, the package must carry a written warning about the addictive properties of nicotine. E-cigarettes are legally banned in hospitals and public transport. The sale of vaping products to persons under the age of 18 is prohibited.


To pay consumption tax. In 2018, the Polish Parliament approved the Excise Tax Act to tax e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products. The tax base for liquids used in e-cigarettes, whether nicotine or non-nicotine, is the volume of liquid expressed in milliliters. The excise tax rate is set at PLN 0.5 (EUR 0.23) per milliliter.


While Poland has banned online sales of vaping products since adopting TPD in 2016, most stores have websites and can offer click-and-collect services.


In Poland, an Eastern European country, and the northeast of Central Europe, there are more than 37 million people, of whom more than 1 million use e-cigarettes. The per capita GDP is very high, and many people go to work in Germany, which is destined to be closely connected with Central European countries. In terms of income, especially after entering the European Union, Poland’s per capita income is now more than 7,000 US dollars, which has been rising.


The Russian e-cigarette market has grown by 60% in one year

According to data provided by RTVI, an overseas NielsenIQ analysis company, from February 2022 to February 2023, sales of closed electronic atomizers in Russia increased by 12% in real terms and 30% in currency terms. This is mainly a one-time increment. According to this data, sales and sales in Russia have increased by 37% and 63% respectively in one year.

This increase is astonishing.


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It can be seen that Russia is also a typical process of evolution from open oil injection to disposable.


This data proves it.


According to the data, in Russia, sales of disposable vapes, including disposable vapes, increased by 37% year-on-year and 63% in currency terms. A year ago, things were different: In the enclosed electronics category, sales were down 45% and 34%, respectively, but disposables were up significantly. The trigger for this market point is that it is very important for consumers in Russia to try different flavors and not be limited to specific devices.


When it comes to the Russian market, the market size in 2019 was only about 100 million US dollars, but now it may exceed 500 million US dollars.

In the Russian market, vaping is mainly sold through online stores, retail stores and supermarkets. In addition, in Russian tourist cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, there are also many specialized vaping stores. According to reports, there are currently a total of 1.025 million retail stores throughout Russia, of which 308,000 sell tobacco products, accounting for about 33%. In 2022 alone, the number of tobacco shops in Russia will increase by at least 20%, and most of the profits will come from electronic atomization sales.


Since last year, the Russian e-cigarette market has a wide range of products, including disposable vaping, rechargeable vaping and adjustable vaping. In the Russian market, disposable vaping occupies a large share due to its affordable price and ease of use.


In addition to Russian “Sigelei”, “iSmoka”, “Joyetech” and other local brands, there are also a large number of Chinese brands entering, such as ELF BAR and so on. Among them, ELFBAR, NOQO, OXIDE, HQD, PONS, XPIPE, PLONQ, YA MILANO, IGNITE, LOST MARY, MKGvape and LAFIvape are currently the most popular disposables in Russia.


Because of Russia’s rapid growth, it has attracted the attention of many brands and manufacturers.


In addition, the current Sino-Russian relationship has accelerated the deployment of Chinese companies in the tobacco market, but this is in a compliant market atmosphere. At present, calculated according to retail prices, the market size of disposable electronic atomization is as high as 180-200 billion rubles in Russia, the market size of electronic atomization oil is 45-50 billion rubles, and the market size of heat-not-burn products is 200-220 billion rubles.


It can be said that the Russian vaping market is a rapidly growing market, but it is currently facing some unique challenges and opportunities. For example, the “honest mark”, e-cigarette taxation, e-cigarette licenses, banning the Internet, banning flavors, cracking down on illegality, etc.


In fact, China’s electronic atomization exports are developing rapidly in the Eurasian Economic Union region, and Russia will soon enter the white-off development market stage.


But now, the Eurasian Economic Union region is also ushering in electronic atomization regulations. Whether it is Russia, or Kazakhstan, Belarus and other countries.


Compared with Eastern Europe, which is next to the Eurasian Economic Union region, the current policy is to implement EU regulations. Except for some restrictions, the process of replacing cigarettes is generally advocated. This market is still full of imagination, especially in Eastern Europe where disposables have not yet been popularized. This is the space .



Italy needs more podsystems?


This year, Italy and Spain have launched some new bombs one after another, exploring the development of multiple categories.


Today, it is found that Philip Morris International is promoting bomb replacement in Italy, and BAT and JTI are vigorously marketing nicotine bags in the UK. What is this signal?


It can be seen that multiple attempts have been made in overseas markets, and at the same time, multiple channels to explore the market are also worthy of attention.

Vaping & Taking Your E Cigarette “poland vape” Whether it's for a holiday or a business trip, always check the vaping rules for the ... Netherlands; New Zealand; Norway; Paraguay; Peru; Poland; Portugal The best exhibitors, stands and products were also awarded during the fair. Their winners received special Vape Expo Poland statuettes.


Based on the one-time change, the electronic atomization giant Philip Morris International (PMI) also launched a new bomb changer in Italy to meet the different needs of Italian consumers. Its battery life, e-liquid capacity, and heating power have also been improved.


In addition, based on the relaxation of nicotine in the UK, British American Tobacco (BAT) is frequently cooperating with young Internet celebrities on Instagram in the UK to promote its nicotine pouch brand Velo; and Japan Tobacco (JTI) has also cooperated with 12 music festivals in the UK to vigorously Push its nicotine pouch brand Nordic Spirit. It is reported that in the UK, nicotine pouches are different from electronic atomization and are not classified as tobacco-related products.


Sales of nicotine pouches are also growing rapidly. For example, the current market share of nicotine pouches in the UK is growing – according to Japan Tobacco, the total market for nicotine pouches in the UK has reached 45.8 million pounds, compared with only 3 million pounds in 2020.

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