Middle East e-cigarette market landscape

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The commercialization of e-cigarettes may be a positive signal for the world in the future.

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On the second day, MEVS middle east vape show Egypt 2023 has already started, but from the briefing of the Egyptian government on the spot, we can really understand Egypt’s attitude towards e-cigarettes and the region’s support for the promotion of “commercialization of e-cigarettes” urgent desire.

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The author especially learned from vabeen, a brand that participated in the Egyptian exhibition, that it said that there were not many people on the first day of the Egyptian exhibition. However, compared to the first day, there were more people on the second day.


There are as many as 150 e-cigarette brands participating this time.


This data comes from the official MEVS data just released today. It said that the MEVS exhibition has opened a good start for the Egyptian e-cigarette market, and 150 high-quality brands from Europe, China, the Gulf, the Americas and other countries participated in the exhibition.


What makes people concerned is that today’s Egypt exhibition revealed a lot of “information”.


Because apart from e-cigarette brand vendors, representatives of many government agencies including the General Administration of Customs and the General Administration of Customs were present, including the Egyptian Ministry of Standards and Quality and the General Administration of Import and Export Control of E-cigarettes. The importance of the electronic cigarette industry, come to the scene to guide the industry in person?

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01.At present, there are only more than 10 e-liquid companies registered in Egypt.


What is concerning is that there are currently only 13 companies that can pass the registration of e-cigarette oil in Egypt.


Mohammad Abdul Hamid, head of the e-liquid and e-cigarette registration department of the Egyptian Official Standards and Quality Agency, said at the scene that the e-liquid registration process complies with applicable international procedures and standards. Since the establishment of the e-liquid and e-cigarette registration unit in 2021, 13 companies have registered 47 products, he added.

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It also talked about the main points of registering e-liquid, requiring 25 documents, with special emphasis on ensuring the consistency of products and appearance.

It also means that the future path of e-cigarettes in Egypt must be a registration system, encouraging registration to enter the local legal market

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02.E-cigarette device licensing standards are being published.


In 2021, Egypt has formulated relatively obvious e-cigarette standards, but equipment standards have been in progress.


On the scene in Egypt, Mohammad Abdul Hamid, head of the e-liquid and e-cigarette registration department of the Egyptian Official Standards and Quality Agency, made it clear that “standard specifications for e-cigarette devices are currently being released, and their licenses will be passed through standardization and Issued by the General Administration of Quality.”

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03.A draft specification for e-cigarette sales is under development.


Even more concerning is that draft regulations for the sale of e-cigarettes in Egypt are being developed.


At the scene, the person in charge of Egypt’s official e-cigarette registration department said, “Egypt is also developing draft specifications for outlets that sell and store e-cigarette products (whether e-liquid or e-cigarettes).” This will herald new norms for e-cigarette retail outlets in Egypt.


It also clearly stated that it is necessary to crack down on illegal activities. “The authorities will determine the requirements of these stores to ensure the protection of producers and consumers and combat the illegal market for these products,” it said.


One of the key points of the commercialized market is to keep the legality healthy and keep the illegality under control.

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04.E-cigarettes are growing rapidly in Egypt.


According to Ibrahim Imbaby, head of the vaping department of the Food Industry Chamber of Commerce of the Egyptian Federation of Industries, “the global average sales of the e-cigarette market in 2010 reached 15 billion U.S. dollars, and rose to 40 billion U.S. dollars in 2015. He added that e-cigarettes and various The market for related products is growing significantly and is considered a promising market both at the global and Egyptian level.”


It also specifically mentioned that 15% of e-cigarette users in Egypt are not former smokers. It can be seen that there are new e-cigarette users in Egypt.

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From the perspective of Egypt, some countries in the Middle East are accelerating the commercialization of e-cigarettes, and believe that this is a good market prospect. At the same time, it is rare to see an exhibition where local government agencies attend and express their desire for e-cigarettes.

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