The “bridgehead” for overseas distribution of e-cigarettes in the Middle East!

The Middle East market is opening up. How can the sinking market be “popular”? Dubai distributes 24 million e-cigarettes every month to seven countries in the United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan and other regions, including the bottled e-liquid market, which is also rising very fast. This market is indeed good smell.
With such a global distribution center, as a Chinese e-cigarette company going overseas, how can it compete for a place in the Middle East market?
At present, the Middle East can be said to be the largest distribution center for e-cigarette distribution in the supply chain or especially in small and medium-sized supply chains. It can be said that it is very suitable for the market that China’s small and medium-sized e-cigarette supply chain must do. The premise depends on how to go out!
Channel distribution
From Dubai Dragon Mart and Dubai Creek to Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, and Deira
Dubai is the world’s largest “transit center” for goods trade, and e-cigarettes are also one of them.
However, Dragon Mart in Dubai is not the center of e-cigarette channels. It is more necessary to find the channel direction from the relatively mature local hookah and tobacco systems.
After visiting the Middle East, we found that the Middle East can be said to be the “trade center” of the world. The local business is developed and the trade atmosphere is strong. At the same time, its distribution radiation is not limited to the Middle East such as the United Arab Emirates, but also includes radiation in some regions in Europe, South Africa, and India.
When it comes to local e-cigarette channel distribution, here are four regions.
In Abu Dhabi, 80% of e-cigarette supply sources are basically from Dubai Dragon Mart. Local terminals tend to be retail stores and chain stores, but most of them are retail units. The largest chain store has 16 stores, and the average chain has 4-5 stores, and most of them have 1-2 stores. Most of the product demand is based on the sales of large cigare

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