UK considers restrictions on disposable supply and sales

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According to the news, the United Kingdom has released a “Smoke-free Generation” public consultation on the official website of its Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) as the basis for its opinions on future regulation of various tobacco products, including vaping. The details inside have been released.


One of them is “Consider restricting the supply and sales of disposable electronic atomizers.” After carefully reading the opinions, the core point of the UK’s solicitation for one-time restrictions is “those categories that are not rechargeable, non-refillable, or neither rechargeable nor refillable.” At the same time, the time for the disposable restriction to take effect is stipulated. Is it 6 months after the promulgation of the law?

(Related to one-time use)

It is reported that this “British plan to “create a smoke-free generation and solve the problem of e-cigarettes among youth”” will reflect the UK’s regulatory framework for e-cigarettes next year. According to the plan, the consultation will last until December 6, 2023.

The core content includes six points:

1. Limit electronic atomization flavors

2. Standardize vape packaging and product display

3. Standardize point-of-sale displays

4. Restrict the supply and sale of disposable electronic atomizers

5. Explore further restrictions on non-nicotine vaping and other nicotine consumer products (such as nicotine pouches)

6. Take action on the affordability of vaping and explore new responsibilities for vaping, including taxes.


The measures mentioned a ban on disposables, a ban on flavors, and consideration of a ban on snus… These measures are of great significance to Chinese supply chain companies. We also specifically solicited opinions from retail and independent e-cigarette industry groups, and the voting results are expected to be important.

The solicitation for comments includes asking whether you agree that the age of sale of tobacco products should be changed; and how to limit the options of vaping flavors, such as limiting the way a vape is described; limiting the ingredients in vaping; limiting the characteristic flavor of vaping (taste and odor). Should vaping flavor options be limited to flavors limited to tobacco, mint, menthol, and fruit, or? Should non-nicotine vaping oils (such as short-fill vaping) also be included in the restrictions on vaping flavors? For example, the choice of display, must e-cigarettes be placed behind the counter and cannot be displayed like tobacco products, or are specialty stores allowed to display them?

(opinion of taste)

In terms of nicotine-free, non-nicotine e-cigarettes in the UK are divided into three categories: short-fill e-cigarettes and long-fill e-cigarettes, disposable (disposable) e-cigarettes, and alternative non-nicotine e-cigarettes. These are currently not subject to the same age restrictions or product standards as nicotine-containing vaping. But now we are calling for joint supervision.

And whether nicotine bags are regulated.

It also specifically talks about vaping price regulation and vaping duties and taxes. At present, 15 European countries, including Germany and Italy, have levied national taxes on vaping, and Canada has also levied an vaping tax. The UK is therefore exploring options, including imposing new tariffs on vaping as other countries have done, while ensuring there is a significant difference between tariffs on vaping and taxes on tobacco products.

Local enforcement powers are also given, such as issuing fixed penalty notices, to enforce age of sale legislation for tobacco products and e-cigarettes. Penalties may range from a warning to a maximum fine of £2,500, usually £100-200. If the breaches are the most serious or occur repeatedly, local authorities can apply for a court order banning the offending retailer from opening for a period of time.

The UK is an important and mature e-cigarette market. There are nearly 5 million e-cigarette users, among whom the proportion of disposable e-cigarettes is extremely high. Statistics show that more than 5 million disposable items are currently discarded every week in the UK.

In any case, once this action plan comes into effect, it will profoundly affect the long-term future of the British tobacco market. Influence the next development pattern of Europe’s mature e-cigarette market!

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