Birmingham Electronic Cigarette Exhibition in October, the British market in mature markets

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The “magnetic field” that global e-cigarette manufacturers, brands, and channels are paying attention to – the 2023 Autumn Vaper Expo UK 2023 in Birmingham, UK, is about to begin from October 27th to 29th.


Personally, I think it is also a very crucial game this year.


So what’s so special about Birmingham this time?


1. Critical period of policy.


Recently, the UK has been surrounded by some market rumors or policy rumors that may be banned at one time. Because of this, many companies that want to market in the UK have to find out what is going on, so this time it is very focused.


2. Next year’s plans for mature markets.


In a market cycle, we have now reached the golden period of consumption in the market. But it is just a short-term thinking for now. More importantly, we should consider how to plan products, sink channels, and adapt to the tightening of future policies in a mature market like the UK next year, which is also a very large market. Expansion decisions are made in compliance with the market.


Let’s take a look at which companies are coming to Birmingham this time?


ELF BAR and SKE all appeared.


It is reported that more than 200 companies are present, including ELF BAR, SKE, OXVA, VOOPOO, GEEKVAPE, FLUM, ESMOO, HATMAN, ANYX, ELUX, VAPORESSO, VOZOL, MKGvape, PEAKBAR, LOST VAPE, kangertech, CHill, MAXFEL, VOOM, MOKI , iJOY, FUMOT and other mainstream well-known e-cigarette companies.

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Map of participating businesses in Birmingham Autumn

Among them, ELF BAR, VOOPOO, IVG, NASTY, SKE, HAYATI, ELUX, CHILL, and VOOM have larger booths.


On major overseas social media platforms, many e-cigarette exhibitors are announcing that they will participate in Birmingham to bring new products or technologies to the UK.


In addition, Birmingham in October this year also gave us a portrait of the scene.


The finished product is a new feast. The value of business presence has been greatly improved.


A batch of e-cigarette technologies were born in the spring, and now the finished products will enter the market in the fall, which is just the right time to debut. For example, FEELM Max’s disposable 800-puff technology upgrade technology; Jier Technology’s ICCPP ODM+ dual environmental protection concept “Cyclo” e-cigarette solution technology, etc. These technologies will eventually form new products to be introduced to the market.


For example, the pod system ELFA, which ELF BAR has gradually developed in Europe, will also be launched in Birmingham, UK.


For example, we learned that Voopoo will launch a new product ICEWAVA T600 specially designed for the British market. One uses a liquid metal appearance and an integrated electroplated texture shell, while the other uses a gem-like pattern with gradient colors and irregular engravings. Surface, upgraded mesh coil, more intelligent 600-port disposable. It can also be seen that Voopoo’s new disposable brand ICEWAVA will debut in the UK.


New technology categories enter the UK

In the UK, we will also see brands like PEAKBAR, bringing new environmentally friendly disposables and new pod systems to the UK market. New finished products that have been optimized in terms of environmental protection, disassembly, recycling and sustainability were unveiled in the UK.

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The mature market has just entered the stage of “change”. Will the British channels be reshaped? Including product plasticity, what will be tested in the future to do well in the UK market?


The British market has directional significance, and every signal transmitted by this stage is concerning. In particular, the UK is currently in a period of European policy changes. If there is no one-time policy, how will the British market choose?


Policies are becoming stricter, and compliance capabilities are a very important test. Reshaping may also mean the emergence of opportunities. Do you want to start in Birmingham? In the mature Red Sea market, Zhou Xuan cannot see any opportunities, so what should he do to see good opportunities?

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