ELF BAR, AROMA KING,VOOPOO and other major brands will gather at the Birmingham Exhibition in the UK

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Is there another market opportunity in the UK?!


This autumn, many big-brand Chinese e-cigarette companies are about to debut in Birmingham, including ELF BAR, UWELL, MR FOG, MKGVAPE, AROMA KING, JELLYBOX, VOOPOO, etc. These big-name companies will also join hands with the British version of “CVIC VPE” to further expand their presence outside of Birmingham. Popular e-cigarette channel terminals such as Manchester, London, Scotland, and England have entered the market.


The UK’s hottest products are one-offs, and there’s certainly no shortage of good one-off appearances this time around.


ELF BAR, MR FOG, etc. also bring one-off star products.


For example, MR FOG has brought MA 600, ET 600, SW 600, and 600-port disposable series that comply with British and EU standards, and their smooth appearance is eye-catching. Information shows that MR FOG is a world-famous e-cigarette brand, a brand owned by Dongguan Hengtai, which has launched Max and other classic product series, which are now sold in more than 50 countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. “MR FOG” can be found everywhere in e-cigarette stores, especially in the United States and other regions. This time “MR FOG” will make a special appearance in Europe, which is also very exciting.


In addition, recently, especially in government and business circles, we have noticed different changes in attitudes toward e-cigarettes in Europe. It is also found that some leading Chinese e-cigarette companies are already making changes to meet the market.


To seize market opportunities, many companies have also introduced new reloading series this time.


For example, ELF BAR also brings a new reloading type this time, and the reloading ELFA has become an important main line. This time, the ELFA brand has once again made a brand new appearance in the UK. The new heating wire technology, battery technology, and display technology are all relatively trendy. Its reloading design is basically the same as the disposable appearance, but the design has been upgraded to make reloading more sustainable, recyclable, recyclable, and has made impressive changes in cost performance.


It can be seen that many Chinese e-cigarette companies are already targeting the British and even European markets to make some adjustments to their product strategies. The one-time dominated interface that once filled the screen has now also received some attention and upgrade iterations of reloading and refueling equipment. Later launch.


Transmission is not only product selection, but also strategy development.


In fact, compared to the international e-cigarette events in many countries, the UK is much more attractive than other countries. At least 200 companies participated in this autumn, which is enough to illustrate the popularity and attention of the market.



The reminder here is that the market is changing at an accelerating pace and deserves attention.


2. With changes in industry thinking, is the next round of competition emerging?!

What will be the next round of competition? Let’s do some thinking this time.


 来自www.theelectroniccigarette.co.uk的“elfbar、” Elf Bars are easy to use vape kits that come prefilled with nic salt e-liquid. They mostly come as a fully disposable device,


  1. Disposable “policy risk”, market changes?


Since 2021, it has gradually penetrated the global market in one go, reaching its peak in 2022, and has continued to heat up since the beginning of 2023. Especially in mature Western European e-cigarette markets such as the United Kingdom, a large number of disposable consumption has shown explosive growth, making the overall market consumption share A fundamental transformation occurs.


However, disposable products currently face the risk of being banned in developed European regions such as the United Kingdom, Germany, and France, especially the latter, which has made it clear many times that it wants to ban disposable products. Public consultation is also underway on whether the UK will ban disposable items entirely.


It is conservatively estimated that in 2024, countries will make clear conclusions and confirm policy changes on the disposable issue.



  1. How to cover traditional e-cigarette channels?


In the UK, there are a number of leading distributors, such as Blue Horse Vape UK, Vape360°, UK vapor brands, VPZ, JOI ELECTRONIC, ANDS, Blue moon, etc. For example, Blue Horse has cooperated with many Chinese brands, including ELF BAR, SKE, ELUX, VOOPOO, OXVA, GEEK VAPE and other brands.


How do these traditional channel providers open up connection bridges? If you can’t connect, how can you find space in other channels?


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  1. Where should incremental e-cigarette channels be developed?


In fact, there are still a number of potential e-cigarette incremental channels in the UK. How to develop this part of the market?


According to visits to some cities in Manchester and London in the UK this year, we found that in the local wholesale market, a group of different industry channels with rich channel retail networks are also very optimistic about the e-cigarette wholesale industry business.


But their common problem is the lack of contact bridge between the e-cigarette supply chain and brand owners.


  1. How will market consumption’s preference for categories change?


The market is moving towards a new trend.


At present, the environmental protection issues of disposable e-cigarettes have always attracted much attention in the European market. Many environmentalists criticize disposable e-cigarette products by pointing out that users need to completely discard these products after the e-liquid is used up, and the built-in batteries are difficult to recycle, which puts huge pressure on the environment.


Because of this, disposable e-cigarettes are at risk of being banned in the European market. Europe will also implement restrictions on disposable e-cigarette batteries in 2026. Many e-cigarette companies have to adopt a “negative” and cautious attitude towards disposable e-cigarettes.



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