ELF BAR and UWELL quickly expand into the UK

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We will join hands with 47+ e-cigarette companies in China to launch a customer expansion campaign in the UK in the autumn. There are many well-known companies such as ELF BAR, LOST MARY, UWELL, PEAK BAR, YUOTO, MR FOG, MOTI, VEIIK, SMOK, LEME, DRALA, MOKI, Scent Dance, SUPER MARY, COOL STAR, VNSN, Aspire, AOKIT and so on.

We can discover some category-changing trends from here.

Among them, ELF BAR and UWELL are all making great efforts to enter the UK with new categories. At the same time, we can also see from this year’s list of Birmingham, UK, that ELF BAR will also appear on the international e-cigarette stage in this important trend.

So what new categories are coming to the UK?

For example, it was found that in addition to the disposable launch of celebrity traffic products, 80% of companies have added a lot of pod systems and new disposable products to enter the British market. Among them, a new refillable pod kit has become a major focus this time. This change from the traditional focus on one-off products in the UK shows that many companies are adjusting their category layout in response to European policy and market trends.

ELF BAR also brings a new reloading type this time, and the pod systems ELFA have become an important main line. Ai Miracle’s newly launched integrated atomization core solution QUAQ, which will be fully upgraded in 2023, will further empower the newly launched products of Elf bar two major brands, ELF BAR and LOST MARY, as a full-link electronic atomization solution.

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This time, the ELFA brand has once again made a brand new appearance in the UK. The new heating wire technology, battery technology, and display technology are all relatively trendy. Its reloading vape design is no different from the disposable appearance, but the design has been upgraded to make pod system vape more sustainable, recyclable, recyclable, and has made impressive changes in cost-effectiveness. Lost Mary also focuses on environmentally friendly disposable upgrades. In fact, ELF BAR’s pod system electronic atomizer ELFA PRO has attracted the favor of consumers in other European countries, such as Germany, because of its superb cost performance and compliance with market trends.

For example, UWELL has brought new POD system equipment to the UK this time. The bright red color appearance is very visually impactful and provides new options in terms of battery capacity, smart display, child lock, and reloading. It launched CALIBURN G3, a system that has made significant upgrades compared to G2 in terms of flavor recovery, intensity, flavor layer, and nicotine fidelity. The integrated coil barrel ensures an airtight environment and enhances leak resistance, so users don’t have to be bothered by e-liquid leaks all the time. A pod system with an OLED display, precise power adjustment, mist recording, and three trigger modes help customize the experience for users with large buttons. The battery capacity is larger than that of the G2, increased to 900mAh, complies with CRC and TPD standards, and can be reloaded repeatedly.

MOTI also brought ammunition pod system equipment to the UK, as well as disposables, including large smoke equipment. It focuses on upgrades in battery capacity, chips, smart displays, etc. It also provides different color options.

The open style and reloading brought by RINCOE are also relatively distinctive, with bright blue black, and green exterior tones, and a full sense of technology. The settings for reloading and refueling are more convenient and have been upgraded.

The brand VEIIK has also launched a new reloader, which has made major upgrades and improvements in terms of rechargeability and smart display.

In addition to equipment, MKG vape also specially launched some reloadable cigarette cartridges.

PEAK BAR also promoted their reloading and used the word “NOW!”, which means that the refillable pod equipment will be a good choice for the present tense. It also brings many environmentally friendly, easily removable, or disposable products made of degradable materials that are in line with the trend.

In addition, YUOTO, CRYSTAL, OUKITEL, VECEE, VNSN, LAMI, SUPER MARY, SMOK, ASPIRE, MKG, MR FOG, and other brands, factories, and enterprises have brought new bomb-changing and open oiling equipment.

This looks like a new iterative and upgraded category “feast”, which will also inject new category vitality into the British market and contribute to the sustainable and environmentally friendly e-cigarette trend. At the same time, these companies will also enter the market with categories that meet TPD standards, not only for the British market, but also for the market of the entire EU system.

At the same time, talking about pod system kit, at the Dortmund Exhibition in Germany, more than half of the exhibitors such as PEAK BAR, VOZOL, and VOOPOO brought pod system e-cigarette products for display.

2. Tobacco policy is very sensitive, and market timing is also very sensitive!

The ever-changing overseas policies are indeed a headache for many Chinese companies, including increasingly high e-cigarette manufacturing requirements.

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2. Tobacco policy is very sensitive, and market timing is also very sensitive!

Recall that at the beginning of this year, many companies stood at the disposable starting line and rushed to go overseas. In fact, this is not essentially the case, because before this year, many companies had experienced a disposable market overseas.

Even many channel dealers or overseas brand owners at that time couldn’t figure out why the shelves of terminal channels in many overseas countries were disposable?

This shows that the companies that took the lead have already started a wave of market trends, or it can be said that they strategically occupied the market first.

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Then the next wave of companies will chase and compete and get involved in the market together.


Looking at it now, this disposable policy possibility may be changing, or it may be on the verge of transformation in some areas.


Perhaps, the “market situation” is like the enemy’s situation, and testing, grabbing time, and grabbing channels are more practical than anything else.


It is expected that more new cartridges or new disposables will be put on the British market in a “arch fire style” manner. By then, we will know what the scene will be like.


But at the same time, I also want to tell you that it was only at that moment that I realized that this opportunity may have been too late for many companies.


And this time, ELF BAR and UWELL are rapidly attacking the UK. Is this a sign that a new opportunity to open up the market has come?

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