Eastern European e-cigarette market is growing rapidly

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Countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Russia. Despite the current increase in restrictions, the overall region recognizes e-cigarettes and promotes the development of e-cigarettes.
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In addition, some vaping activities in Eastern Europe found that the vaping culture in this region is more enthusiastic and unrestrained.

At the same time, in Eastern Europe, it was found that some countries had a one-time increase, with an average annual growth rate of 35%, which can be said to be very large.

According to Lev Gregory, the general manager of BABYLON, the largest distributor in Russia, recently, “Russia’s disposable electronic atomization is the fastest growing category in the market, with an average annual growth rate of about 35%, among which 7,000 mouth products are the most popular. .” This distributor, the one-time giant ELFBAR brand is distributed by it. At present, ELFBAR, NOQO, OXIDE, HQD, LOST MARY, NOQO, OXIDE, SOAK, WAKA, VOZOL, etc. are all Russian disposable head brands. Among them, VARDEX, the largest local online distribution platform, is also an important online distribution channel for distributor Babylon.

From this information, we get the basic information that the disposable category is growing rapidly in Eastern Europe and Russia, attracting a large number of manufacturers and brands to enter the market in this region, and there is also a special demand for the number of mouths. Because Russian consumers’ demand for large bites at one time is still growing. This seems to be different from the mainstream e-cigarette consumption market in Europe and the United States. Russia’s disposable e-cigarettes are moving towards larger numbers. Many consumers do not like to go to offline physical stores to buy frequently, and they prefer to buy large-capacity e-cigarettes at one time.

Talking about the Russian market in Eastern Europe, let’s analyze a few points:

Since 2023, Russia has successively launched a series of e-cigarette regulatory tactics, from “honest labeling” to “import and production license system” to “online ban on sales and offline display”, including possible bans on e-cigarette flavors in the future, It is proposed to impose tariffs from 0 to 13% on e-cigarettes, which are “variables” in the Russian market.

Disposable is currently the main growth rate category in the market!

Consistent with the markets of some countries in Western Europe and the United States, Russia, a country in Eastern Europe, is also entering a one-time dominant market.

Compared with many Eastern European countries, Russia’s one-time growth rate is also the future space for other Eastern European countries. After all, many Eastern European countries have not banned disposables. Even if there are restrictions on e-cigarettes, the demand and approval of e-cigarettes are also in a relatively favorable market position.

At the same time, for To Business shipments, large wholesalers are more willing to buy one-offs. At present, “the volume is already very large”, which makes their distributors and retailers more willing to buy one-offs.

But to make a one-off, you have to do a good job of branding, because Russia is a buyer’s market, and branding is very important.refilllable vape is there a chance

Refilllable is there a chance?

With the strengthening of regulation on the capacity of e-cigarettes and restrictions on market imports, refillable bombs may usher in new opportunities.

From the perspective of the Russian market, the price of e-cigarettes that can be refilled with oil is relatively low. Although the current growth of this category is average, it is expected to develop well in the future, and it is currently the third fastest growing category in Russia.Closed POD system has a new future? !

Closed pod system has a new future? !

There is room for closed bomb reloading, and open electronic cigarettes are moving towards “mature” development!

Restricted by standards such as capacity limitations, most countries in the European region still maintain a large smoke machine market.

For example, in Russia, the market share of open electronic cigarettes is relatively stable, and most of them are mature consumers, who are mainly gamers. The development of e-cigarettes in Europe and the United States has a considerable history, and has accumulated a group of relatively mature and stable player-type consumption. This type of attribute is not only consumption, but also the demand for cultural consumption.

In addition, the bomb-changing electronic cigarette is more suitable for the sustainable future trend, and has become the second fastest growing category in Russia. At present, the development is relatively stable, without much fluctuation. Because mainstream Russian brands are promoting the development of refillable products. After all, in the special Russian market, the pods themselves are not taxed. Compared with the 20 rubles/ml tax on e-liquid for disposable products, the cost of refillable products will increase in the future. It is lower and superimposed with strict regulatory trends, which means that the bomb-changing future market has more room for growth.

It can also be seen from the Russian market that the trend of restrictions on e-cigarettes in Eastern European countries is continuing.

However, at present, the Russian e-cigarette market is not “completely one size fits all”.

For example, since Russia officially banned online sales of e-cigarettes in June 2023, many dealers have begun to implement offline self-pickup mode for all products online. A bit similar to Poland and Italy.
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However, with Russian regulation, the slowdown in the growth rate of e-cigarettes is inevitable.

Russia, as an important e-cigarette consumption market in the world, is only a “miniature” of Eastern Europe. Various innovative electronic devices such as open oil injection, disposable and various innovative electronic devices gathered here will further stimulate the development of the Eastern European market.

In fact, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Romania, and Latvia in Eastern Europe maintain a relatively good level of e-cigarette policy operation, and many heavy smoker countries have space for e-cigarettes. Lithuania, Slovakia and other countries have maintained a considerable increase in disposables; Albania likes disposable fruit-flavored and oil-filled electronic cigarettes containing nicotine. The number of e-cigarette users in Lithuania and Poland is very high.

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Although the current market size in Western Europe is much larger than that in Eastern Europe, the expansion of the Eastern European e-cigarette market, coupled with the highly developed economies of some Eastern European countries, supports the expansion of the market, which deserves the attention of Chinese factories!

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