What are the best vaping channels in the UK?

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E-cigarette shops are one of the important channel forms in the UK, and it is concerning that these shops have stores online. One of the local stores ranks #1 with more than 60,000 monthly searches.


Recently, the British data marketing agency Salience Search Marketing released the latest annual report on the electronic cigarette industry, which pointed out the top list of the current popularity of electronic cigarette stores in the UK, namely Vape Club, KiK, Vampirevape, vpz, juul, Vape Shop, OI Aspire. Among them, in terms of monthly brand searches, Vape Shop ranked first with 60,500 searches, followed by KiK and Vape Club, with 27,100 searches each month. This is the data obtained by analyzing more than 50 of the largest online platforms in the UK.


Currently, channels in the UK resonate both offline and online, where strong influence on social media, brand awareness, and search volume trends are all decisive factors.


For example, Vape Club is the most well-known online platform for vaping in the industry. With its strong presence on social media, with 41,661 followers, and 27,100 monthly brand searches, Vape Club leads the market in terms of brand awareness. KiK is the second most well-known brand in the industry with 40,500 monthly brand searches and 27,202 social followers. OI Aspire is the dominant brand on social media, with 236,000 followers on major social platforms, of which Instagram accounts for 67%. Among them, Vape Club was established in 2012 and has a history of 11 years. Brands including Crystal Bar, Elf Bar, Lost Mary, Geek Bar, Elux Bars, etc. are all exposed on it.

The channel method in the UK tells us that in order to seize overseas users, you must first occupy a position on social media. At the same time, online presence is very important.

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In the words of Brett Janes, managing director of Salience Search Marketing: “The past year has been a challenging period for the electronic atomization industry. The overall organic growth rate has dropped by 1%. As the popularity of alternative cigarettes continues to rise , brands must adapt their marketing strategies to focus on performance metrics such as visibility and brand awareness. Building a strong online presence across multiple channels becomes critical to drive and capitalize on expanding market demand.”

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From this point of view, in the future global channel market, it is crucial to establish a strong online presence on multiple channels, and many Chinese overseas companies can pay attention! The UK consumes hundreds of millions of electronic atomizers every year, with more than 4 million users, and its market is worth noting. At the same time, you can also pay attention to the scale of convenience store channels in the UK. The e-cigarette brands listed in the TOP10 convenience stores in the UK mainly include vaping, Elf bar, voopoo, innokin, uwell, Vuse, smok, etc. ALDI, ASDA and BOOTHS are the top three convenience store brands in the UK, with many stores in the UK. For fast-moving consumer goods, convenience stores are a crucial sales channel. In 2022, the sales of e-cigarettes in the UK will rank first in the convenience store (grocery store) industry, and the total sales will increase by more than 434 million pounds year-on-year.

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