ELF BAR and other top Chinese e-cigarette brands participated in the Birmingham Electronic Cigarette Exhibition in the UK

Going to Birmingham in the fall is not only about promoting new products, but also witnessing the possible changes in the direction of e-cigarettes in Europe

A European steam moment feast is coming, less than 20 days from now.

The Birmingham Electronic Cigarette Professional Exhibition in autumn seems to attract more attention from leading e-cigarette companies, including ELF BAR, SKE, ELUX, VOOPOO, GEEKVAPE, FLUM, ESMOO and other leading companies. It is expected that many companies will display new trend products in Birmingham.

According to official data, more than 200 companies have participated, including many Chinese companies. Including ELF BAR, SKE, OXVA, VOOPOO, GEEKVAPE, FLUM, ESMOO, HATMAN, ANYX, ELUX, VAPORESSO, VOZOL, PEAKBAR, LOST VAPE,MKG vape,kangertech, CHill, MAXFEL and other well-known mainstream e-cigarette companies. Information shows that the 2023 Autumn Birmingham Electronic Cigarette Professional Exhibition will be held at the NEC Convention and Exhibition Center in Birmingham, UK, from October 27 to October 29, 2023.

At the 2023 Spring Birmingham e-cigarette exhibition “Vaper Expo UK 2023” held in May this year, many e-cigarette channel dealers gathered here. In addition, more than 500 e-cigarette brands “competed” at the UK site, including no less than 100 Chinese e-cigarette brands. , such as Smiss, Voopoo, SMOORE,MKG vape, ELUX, Yuoto, MOTI, SKE, Uwell, Honeycomb Factory, Heyuan Group, HQD, IPURE, Smok, ZINWI (True Flavor Bio), vozol, RELX, INNOKIN, Snowplus, Bolton , Pop Vapor, aiir, Maxfel, Puffmi, Hongyi, OXVA, EVE, DESON, Hangsen (Hengxin Group), Dashmile (Daimai Development), HONGFU (Hongfu Biotechnology), UPENDS, Kangertech, Kingston PodBar, Puffmi, Lost Vape, GEEKVAPE, Suorin (You and Me Group), Krvape (Zero Mist Technology), Sense, Pura, etc. were all present! At that time, CVIC made its “debut” in Birmingham, joining hands with 23 Chinese industrial cluster companies to help many companies gain customers on-site. At the same time, for the first time, the “industrial chain” appeared on the stage of the European e-cigarette event in a cluster, opening up innovation in China’s e-cigarette factories. “New window” for overseas travel.


2. Does every British exhibition present more than just opportunities?.

First of all, the British tobacco market is huge and it is also the core market in Europe.

In 2022, a large number of disposable e-cigarettes were introduced to Europe from the United Kingdom, triggering a trend in Europe and the United States.

Every time a new product, new trend, or new technology is unveiled in the UK, it attracts the attention of the tobacco industry and changes in the atomization market.

Birmingham is a huge magnetic field for e-cigarettes, and e-cigarette exhibitions like this one will increase the popularity here. Through a visit in May this year, we also discovered that Birmingham is like a “supply warehouse” for e-cigarettes! The first impression I saw in Birmingham at that time was that there were many e-cigarette supply platforms and the scale was relatively large. The one I saw has more than 600 stores across the UK. Even though some companies are not headquartered in Birmingham, they have set up e-cigarette warehouses here for supply and distribution. Some channel providers have large warehouses in Birmingham, providing transportation across the UK, mainly solving distribution and logistics across the UK.

Do you want to promote your business if you haven’t arrived in Birmingham, UK?

The core reason why the British market is important is its consumer market and market radiation, including the radiation of wholesale channels.

The UK has gathered a large number of Indian and Pakistani channel dealers, and their wholesale business is not only in the UK, but also throughout Europe and even some neighboring regions in the Middle East. This is also the key reason why many e-cigarette brand companies must go to the UK.

Including some e-cigarette events in Dubai, we also saw wholesale channel dealers from the UK, who are penetrating global strategies.

Going to Birmingham in the fall is not only about promoting new products, but also witnessing the possible changes in the direction of e-cigarettes in Europe, as well as industry insiders’ predictions of the future market, and getting close to more channel dealers and industry insiders to carry out negative publicity. The value of more future plans for 2024 goes far beyond this October.

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