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Following market trends, the UK has also begun to promote the pod system. According to some news in the industry, some channel dealers in the UK are already selling disposable goods, and it is recommended to use refillable or pod system categories. This depends not only on the market phenomenon but also on the business opportunity logic behind it, which is that channels must change their category selection and choose new categories that are more suitable for trends.

Recently, it has been discovered that ELF BAR has also launched pod systems in markets such as the UK, Germany, France, and Spain, and has launched environmentally friendly and sustainable one-time upgraded categories in compliance with market trends. Including some traders, there are also demands for small quantities, and demand for open pod systems or disposable pods has increased.

This illustrates the point that the EU and the European system will have to make one-time decision-making on the direction of trends in the critical year ahead. Especially since this year, the European Union and the United Kingdom have been very concerned about the environmental issues caused by discarded electronic products. In recent years, the development and growth of new tobacco in these regions has also faced environmental issues caused by discarded electronic products. The EU’s upcoming Tobacco Product Guidance Third Edition (TPD3) stipulates that disposable e-cigarette batteries must be manually removable.

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What is the e-cigarette trend?

Before the birth of e-cigarettes, the concept of e-cigarettes first entered consumers’ horizons. Because of its convenience and relatively low nicotine, it was favored by the cigarette replacement class. At the same time, e-cigarettes also have strong social attributes, bringing diversified consumer demands to different groups of people.

The current trend of e-cigarettes, and even the future trend, is always to return to the essence of tobacco, to help quit smoking, and to move in the direction of social health instead of creating more social problems. Whether it is a manufacturer or a channel merchant, they all start from a social perspective and the public interest to consider whether this product can solve social demands.

The e-cigarette industry is still an industry that is constantly iterating and being verified by the market.

For European and American countries, they are all concerned about the environmental issues they face and the impact on young users. Many European countries, and even countries in Oceania such as New Zealand and Australia, are tightening disposable restrictions. Or consider taking better measures to promote e-cigarettes to better not affect public health and help reduce the harm of tobacco.

Perhaps at this time this year, it is unknown who will be the protagonist of the future market, but the first company to make adjustments, product lines, and market tests may have the opportunity to gain the dividends of future market share first.

For example, I learned that the UK is discussing the issue of disposable vape. According to the Guardian, the UK may hold a public consultation on plans to ban disposable e-cigarettes. At the same time, the British government is proposing a “smoke-free generation” law, which will increase the legal age for purchasing tobacco by one year every year… These are behind the trend changes that may lead to the direction of e-cigarettes.

Some brands are also adjusting their strategies. Recently, ELFBAR launched a new disposable e-cigarette product ELFBAR 600V2 in London, UK. The innovative design of efficient recycling function is also an important step to comply with the EU’s new policies and facilitate the technological exploration of sustainable product development. For example, modified batteries can be disassembled directly on the recycling side for reuse, effectively alleviating the environmental pollution problems caused by discarded lithium batteries.

In addition, it is also pushing to replace the ELFA. Brands including PEAK BAR and HQD MKG vape are developing a number of sustainable products for e-cigarettes and entering the market.

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