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News on August 13, a British research institute recently stated that if half of smokers switch to e-cigarettes, it will save the NHS more than 500 million pounds

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According to the Evening Standard report on August 8, a study by Brunel University in London showed that if half of the adult smokers in the UK switched from cigarettes to e-cigarettes, the UK National Health Service (NHS) would save more than 500 million pounds a year. The lowest proportion of smokers was found in the South East (12.2 per cent), compared with 14.6 per cent in the North West and 15 per cent in the North East and Yorkshire, the survey found. From another perspective, it is also found that the lower the ratio, the more developed the e-cigarette.

South American Venezuela completely bans e-cigarettes

According to news on August 13, the health authorities of Venezuela, a South American country, recently announced in August that they decided to ban the use, manufacture and import of electronic cigarettes.

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Global business and regulatory news and updates from the vape industry. Venezuela joins others in Latin America with ban on vapes and heated tobacco.
Latin America E-Cigarettes Market is poised to grow at a CAGR of 5.74% by 2028. Rising usage of E-cigarettes or electronic nicotine delivery systems

The Venezuelan Ministry of Health stated in a statement that the manufacture, storage, distribution, circulation, marketing, import, export, use, consumption, advertising, promotion and sponsorship of e-cigarettes will be prohibited. The resolution stresses that owners or managers of state institutions, commercial establishments, public transport, public sector offices, private areas and public spaces, regardless of their use, have an obligation to ensure compliance with the standard. They must post a conspicuous notice warning that “the consumption or in any way making available to the public electronic cigarette management systems (SEN) and other accessories is prohibited”. The ban was announced almost 40 days after Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro asked health authorities to consider “the possibility of banning the sale on the national territory of these harmful devices that cause lung and bronchial diseases.” As early as June this year, Venezuelan President Maduro held an electronic cigarette in a program on national television, explaining to the public the harm of electronic cigarettes to the lungs and bronchi. Although specific penalties are not mentioned in the relevant regulations, it will be confirmed that those who violate the prohibition will be punished and sanctioned in accordance with existing laws and resolutions. And the ban has forced local distributors of e-cigarettes into trouble. According to local practitioners, many e-cigarette shops have been closed, most of the products have been removed from the shelves, and more than 5,000 employees have lost their jobs.

According to news on August 13, the British Smoking and Health Action Organization recently released a fact sheet summarizing its latest research results on e-cigarettes for British adults and analyzing adults’ behavior and preferences for e-cigarettes.

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The data shows that in 2023, there will be 4.7 million e-cigarettes in the UK, 50% of them will use oil-filled e-cigarettes, 31% will use disposable e-cigarettes, and 17% will choose refillable e-cigarettes.

Bidi Vapor distribution company Kaival to delay Nasdaq listing!

News on August 13, recently according to tobaccocoreporter, the current president and chief operating officer of Bidi Vapor distribution company Kaival Brands Innovations Group (Keval Group) Eric Mosser (Eric Mosser) has been promoted

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for the CEO. Moser will continue as president following his promotion. The company also named Thomas J. Metzler as its new chief financial officer, treasurer and secretary, succeeding Mark Thoenes, who will serve as interim chief financial officer beginning in 2021. And because the Bidi Vapor distribution company Kaival has replaced its CEO and CFO, it will postpone its listing on Nasdaq.

Philippine minister rolls out red carpet for HTP manufacturers

According to news on August 13, the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) recently urged tobacco companies to produce heated tobacco products in the country, citing surging domestic demand and export opportunities. While local demand for cigarettes is expected to drop from 49.61 billion sticks in 2022 to 39.06 billion sticks in 2027, sales of heated tobacco products are expected to grow significantly in 2027, said DTI Undersecretary Ceferino Rodolfo. Increase.

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He cites Euromonitor forecasts that retail sales of HTP will soar 511% to 4.06 billion sticks by 2027. Rudolph said HTP producers will benefit from the Philippines’ free trade agreement with regional markets. “If manufactured in the Philippines, HTP can be imported to ASEAN (except Vietnam), Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong with zero tariff,” he said. In 2022, major destinations for Philippine tobacco products include South Korea (US$102.2 million), Thailand (US$98.29 million) and Myanmar (US$49.4 million). According to Rudolph, Philip Morris Fortune Tobacco plans to build a P9 billion factory in Tanauan, Batangas province, for the production of IQOS devices.

Quebec to ban flavored e-cigarettes

According to news on August 13, many provinces in Canada banned seasoning. Recently, according to the official announcement of Quebec, the second largest province in Canada, the province will ban the sale of e-cigarette products other than tobacco flavor (or tasteless), and at the same time, prohibit the sale of bottled e-liquid and e-liquid capacity exceeding 30ml Vaping devices that exceed 2ml.

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The policy takes effect 90 days after publication, on October 31. The flavor ban was announced in a draft released in April. According to the Quebec Vaping Rights Coalition, more than 30,000 Quebec residents have commented on the proposed ban, but the Ministry of Health has reportedly not made any changes to the rules. Quebec is Canada’s second most populous province with 8.5 million residents and has become the largest province to impose a flavor ban. Four other provinces and territories — Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and the Northwest Territories — have already implemented flavor bans, and Nunavut has passed a ban but has yet to set an implementation date . Three other provinces — British Columbia, Ontario and Saskatchewan — have restricted flavored products to adults-only outlets like vape shops.

UK’s Hampshire calls for a nationwide ban on the sale of disposable e-cigarettes

News on August 13, according to dailyecho, the British Hampshire Council is calling for a nationwide ban on the sale of disposable e-cigarettes. With the rise of vaping, an estimated 1.3 million disposable e-cigarettes are thrown away every week, making them the fastest growing type of waste.

Nick Adams-King, executive leadership member for universal services at Hampshire Council, said he was concerned by the rising amount of plastic waste from discarded e-cigarettes. In responding to the concerns, Hampshire Council joined other local authorities across the UK in calling for a ban on the sale of single-use e-cigarettes.

More than 6 million yuan of e-cigarettes transferred from Italy were investigated in Türkiye!

According to news on August 13, the Turkish customs department seized 43,200 illegal e-cigarettes during the operation recently, with a total value of 25 million Turkish liras (about 6.67 million yuan).

It is reported that the Turkish customs law enforcement agency seized a case involving a huge amount of e-cigarette smuggling in Istanbul Pendik Port. They conducted a detailed inspection of a truck that departed from Germany, transited through Italy, and entered the port of Rollo, Turkey, and seized it.

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Nearly 50 e-cigarette companies in Russia jointly opposed the ban on flavoring agents and nicotine salt?

According to news on August 13, Artyom Metelev, chairman of the Russian State Duma Youth Policy Committee, said at a press conference that the Russian Ministry of Health will submit a bill banning the list of electronic cigarette additive substances to the Russian cabinet in the near future. review.

This list of substances prohibited to increase the appeal of nicotine-containing liquids includes: Prohibited food additives, herbal flavoring additives and their derivatives, including vanillin, cocoa and its derivatives, licorice, spices, any natural flavors. and synthetic sugars, synthetic or natural sweeteners; additives that enhance nicotine addiction, including nicotine salts, ethanol, ammonium, ammonia, are prohibited. In this regard, the Russian Nicotine Products Industry Union has sent a letter to Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, requesting that food flavors and salt-based nicotine be removed from the list of prohibited substances and additives. This letter was supported by more than 50 vaping industry legal persons and experts. Among them, Lev Grigoriev, chairman of BABYLON, the leading e-cigarette compliance distributor in Russia, is also in the ranks of opposing the reform policy.

A city in Russia is stepping up efforts to crack down on illegal e-cigarettes!

According to news on August 11, the Russian Krasnodar authorities will crack down on the illegal sales of cigarettes and electronic cigarettes, and carry out actions to crack down on hookah smoking in catering establishments. This was presented at the meeting of the working group on trade studies by the Head of Consumer Services and Alcohol Market Regulation of the Krasnodar Territory Roman Kurinniy and Mayor Evgen Kurinniyev .

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Kullini pointed out that unrestricted shisha smoking has increased recently, and relevant government departments often receive consultations from area residents about the potential health risks posed by shisha smoking activities. He believes the government should do more to prevent public dining facilities from violating federal legislation. The focus of the attack will also be on non-fixed trade objects. According to the law, the sale of traditional cigarettes and electronic cigarettes in non-fixed trade objects is prohibited. Nomov said the government’s position is clear that children must be protected from it. As for adults, shisha can still be bought in cafes and restaurants

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A region in the UK recommends the implementation of an electronic atomization retail license system. Moreover, a local dealer suggested that this area is Wales in the United Kingdom.
According to a report from Planet of the vapes, dealers in Wales called on e-vaping users to sign a petition, urging the Welsh Parliament to implement a licensing system for e-vaping sales. The petition, which will run until 2024, has already been supported by more than 100 stores.
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This channel provider is Vape Escape, which has cooperated with Chinese brands such as SMOK, innokin, aspire, and kangerteth. It believes that the implementation of the license will be conducive to the healthy development of electronic atomization retail. Poor quality retailers can be driven out of the market. Because “a lack of training and licensing can lead to the sale of inappropriate products and illegal equipment”. The industry needs to be recognized and licensing introduced to ensure the safe and responsible sale of vaping, he said.
It stated that electronic atomization products are sold by trained licensed stores specializing in electronic atomization products. The clerks are familiar with all aspects of electronic atomization products, smoking withdrawal therapy (nicotine replacement therapy), etc., including product knowledge, so that They are able to work with the public to ensure a higher success rate of quitting smoking.
In fact, when it comes to the UK retail licensing system, this year the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) is currently urging Parliament to introduce a similar licensing scheme.
Wales is a large province of the United Kingdom, bordering England to the east, with more than 3 million people, accounting for 5% of the country’s population. Moreover, in the UK, England, Wales and Scotland are all important vaping consumption areas. At least 8% of adults are using vaping, with a total of more than 2 million users, a nearly four-fold increase from 1.7% ten years ago.
It can be seen that in countries like the UK in Europe, the problems discovered in the process of electronic atomization have begun to be corrected, and they are also consciously maintaining the growth and development of this industry, which deserves attention. Of course, once retail enters the licensing system, the market will be more legalized and the industry will enter a new stage of development.
Europe, as the current mainstream of electronic atomization globalization, is becoming more and more mature, which represents the firmness of opportunities.

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