More than 30 Chinese e-cigarette companies including ELF BAR will come to Indonesia!

The upcoming Indonesian Jakarta Electronic Cigarette Exhibition (VAPE FAIR 2023) will be held at the Jakarta Convention Center on November 11-12.

What is interesting is that Chinese companies such as ELF BAR will participate in this exhibition! As for strategic promotion, ELF BAR has recently significantly accelerated its global layout in terms of market promotion. For example, in stores in the Middle East such as Abu Dhabi and Ajman, many ELF BAR shelves can be seen.

Indonesia is a country with a strong tobacco consumption culture, with a population of 276 million and nearly 60 million smokers. At the same time, Indonesia has also attracted many e-cigarette companies to invest in and build factories in recent years, and the local industrial system has gradually been established.

According to what we learned from some leading local distributors in Indonesia in August this year, the local government attaches great importance to the Indonesian exhibition in November, which can be said to be the one with the most local participation.
According to the news carefully read from the official website, this Indonesian exhibition will attract no less than 30 companies to participate, including well-known brand companies such as ELF BAR, LUCKEE, SMOK, FREEMAX, BECO, PURA, OKK, VECEE, Sixhill, MOOFY, ABUFAN,

HELLVAPE, etc. join. There are many giant companies participating, such as AiMiracle, Selme, Ivypus, and Heyuan.

I remember that CVIC visited the Jakarta market in Indonesia in August and found that an agent opened an ELF BAR store in Jakarta at that time. At that time, I learned that this was ELF BAR’s second directly-operated store in Indonesia, and it was also another store outside of Bali. It was operated by an agent in Indonesia. It can also be seen that some of the world’s leading brand companies are also accelerating the layout of new markets like Indonesia!

Indonesia, an e-cigarette consumer market that attracts the attention of overseas companies, also attracts the investment attention of many manufacturing companies. Based on the convenience of exporting e-cigarettes locally, many companies are also determined to increase investment here.

Attracted by Indonesia’s rapidly growing economy, young workforce and pro-business policies, investors have been prompted to open factories here to supply not only the huge local market, but also other countries in the region.
As more Chinese companies enter Indonesia, Indonesia not only has opportunities for local development, but also grows in its supply system!

The Indonesian factory invested by China Smol with 400 million yuan!
Global Intelligence has learned that according to a recent report from overseas inNalar website, China Smoore invested 1.12 trillion Indonesian rupiah (equivalent to more than 400 million yuan) to build an e-cigarette factory in Malang, which is developing together with local small, medium and micro enterprises. 16 automated production lines assemble, fill and package e-liquid cartridges for the U.S. market, requiring minimal human intervention. Small said the Indonesian factory is one of the most advanced and most automated factories in the world. One of the concerns about Smoore’s investment in Indonesia is that when Smoore opened a factory in Indonesia, three of its Chinese suppliers also came to Indonesia, which inadvertently attracted more suppliers to come here.

What is noteworthy is that it only took eight months for the project to be officially completed. The first batch of products will already leave the factory in May 2022. The factory construction covers an area of 6 hectares and is the 14th factory under Smore International. PT Smoore Technology Indonesia (STI) production activities are planned to use local and imported parts and raw materials, 75% of which are from Indonesia and 25% from imports. Considering the heavy use of local raw material components, MSMEs will be involved in raw material supply and other factory needs, with their value accounting for 75% of local raw material demand. Indonesia provides a favorable industrial environment for the e-cigarette business. The country is rich in natural resources, with nickel and copper being key materials for battery production.
It is worth noting that Indonesia is currently attracting investment from many leading e-cigarette companies. In January 2023, Philip Morris International opened a factory in Karawang, West Java, to produce IQOS HEETS consumables. Leading vaping companies such as Smoore have also established production plants.
By September this year, KT&G announced the construction of a second factory in Indonesia.

In addition to the production of traditional cigarettes, heat-not-burn cigarettes will also be produced. The e-cigarette investment atmosphere in Indonesia is gradually getting stronger. This new tobacco investment trend is somewhat similar to the Czech Republic and Poland in Eastern Europe.

02 What are the best-selling disposables in Prague, Czech Republic?

Global Intelligence learned that the CVIC Eastern Europe team recently discovered in the terminal market in Prague, Czech Republic, that there are many CBD stores locally, and these stores sell e-cigarettes.

Through interviews, we found that the main disposable brands sold locally are ELF BAR, HQD, vuse, LOST MARY, and IVG. It can even be seen that brands such as YOOZ are also developing the Czech market.

According to South Korea’s Theviewers News Network, the atomized e-cigarette “VUSE Go 800” released by British American Tobacco Korea (BAT) has been favored by consumers in South Korea, and it has plans to promote and sell the product nationwide. According to relevant industry news, VUSE Go 800 sales in Seoul more than doubled one month after its launch, and the initial supply was quickly sold out. Therefore, BAT decided to launch the originally planned additional product lines ahead of schedule. Currently, BAT is actively considering promoting sales nationwide in South Korea. BAT said that they are considering selling VUSE nationwide and expect that e-cigarette sales will increase in winter.

In addition to the Korean market, the well-known brand LOST MARY has also recently launched 0 Nic for the first time in Japan… These all show that brands are increasing competition in different categories in the Japanese and Korean markets.

Find market opportunities in Indonesia. We will go to Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya to create markets.


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