With such a hot CBD market in the Czech Republic, have you ever thought about how huge the e-cigarette market space is?

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Did you think of anything when you saw the good CBD market in the Czech Republic?

For new markets like the Czech Republic, their degree of involution is far less than that of the United States, Britain, and Germany, and they are often ignored by many Chinese e-cigarette companies!

In the Czech Republic, which has a population of more than 10 million, what channels should we find to better enter the local e-cigarette market?


Czech scene

Research the market in the Czech Republic and verify the market. From the important CBD exhibition in the Czech Republic to the wholesale, distribution, and retail markets in Prague, the Czech Republic, we use various scenarios to find out the channel relationship network, helping more cooperative companies to connect with local “channel relationships” and then implement them more accurately.

On November 2, at the annual important CBD exhibition in Prague, the Czech capital, we saw a different market scene.

There was a large flow of people on site and the excitement was beyond imagination. Local dealers paid great attention to CBD. Because CBD in the Czech Republic has been legal as early as 2013, it was opened early and popularized early, it has accumulated a lot of market foundation, and the local CBD market is also growing rapidly.

What is concerning is that at this exhibition, it was also found that most of the agents who came here dealt with CBD but also e-cigarettes. For example, I met a couple of channel dealers. The man was engaged in e-cigarettes and the woman was mainly engaged in CBD.

However, there were very few electronic cigarettes on site, and only one exhibitor displayed CBD equipment and electronic cigarettes. It can be said that there are very few “pioneers” of brand companies that come to the Czech Republic to make e-cigarettes.

When I visited the wholesale market in the Czech Republic, I also found that although there are not as many local e-cigarette merchants as in the UK, demand and business are good.

For example, when CVIC visited the SAPA Market in Prague, it was discovered that the locals in this market call it Vietnam Village, and more than 90% of the people in the market are Vietnamese.

There are not many e-cigarette merchants in the market, but their business is good. For example, we learned that the retail sales of a single store can reach more than 1 million kronor (equivalent to more than 300,000 yuan). Moreover, many merchants here said they knew about the e-cigarette industry and often had customers looking for e-cigarettes, but they did not enter the industry because they did not know the resources of e-cigarette factories.

In the e-cigarette market, how to find the channel network here?

The scene in the Czech Republic makes people think about another aspect.

Where is the underlying relationship of the channel? If e-cigarettes are to be developed here, how should we do it?

It can be said that the Czech channel scene makes people think about the different underlying logic systems of channels in many countries. For example, the Middle East attaches great importance to hookah, and their local hookah channels have deep relationships, while the Czech Republic has a long history of developing CBD channels. Just like each region has different cultural paths, the Czech Republic was an early country that recognized CBD, and it already has relatively mature CBD channels.

And because the local CBD is popular, many CBD stores have been opened locally, and these stores also sell e-cigarettes. But these dealers said that although they want to make e-cigarettes, they currently have no access to the source e-cigarette factory.


(Czech Republic CBD store)

In addition, there are few local companies, and iteration of new products is slow, mainly one-off. These are hidden opportunities for e-cigarettes.

Therefore, it is recommended that Chinese companies should focus on this market, especially local third- and fourth-tier cities where there is still huge room for growth.

As a later developer of e-cigarettes, we can also find channels and penetration paths here to enter the Czech market. And more channel opportunities for e-cigarettes in the Czech Republic will also be in the CBD channel!

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