The first e-cigarette brand: Wuxin(RELX) Technology’s quality and safety laboratory obtained CTF certification

On October 26, RELX Quality Safety Laboratory was awarded the CTF (Customer Testing Facilities) certificate by Eurofins Technology Group (hereinafter referred to as “Eurofins”), becoming the first domestic industry enterprise to obtain CTF certification.

“CTF laboratory” refers to a corporate laboratory that has been audited and certified by the International Electrotechnical Commission’s Organization for Conformity Testing and Certification of Electrical Products (IECEE) and that meets relevant requirements, procedures and ISO 17025 standard requirements in terms of equipment, environment, management system and personnel levels.

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Obtaining CTF certification this time means that RELX quality and safety laboratory has internationally leading electronic and electrical safety testing capabilities, and the safety test results issued can be accepted by 54 IECEE member states (regions) around the world. It is understood that in August 2022, RELX quality and safety laboratory has been accredited by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS). As a result, the laboratory has become one of the few industry brand enterprise testing laboratories in the world that has obtained “dual certification” at the same time.

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(RELX quality and safety laboratory has obtained CNAS and CTF dual certification)

Wen Yilong, co-founder of RELX and head of R&D and supply chain, said that quality and security are RELX’s unchanging commitment. “The RELX quality and safety laboratory can conduct testing on a number of electronic circuit indicators that comply with global standards, and is capable of ensuring ‘quality control’ for global users.”

Since its establishment, RELX has invested a total of 800 million yuan in R&D and created 8 major laboratory matrices. In addition to the quality and safety laboratory, it also has an innovation laboratory, a chemistry laboratory, a life science laboratory, an aerosol laboratory, an aerosol innovation laboratory, a new material laboratory, a sensory analysis laboratory and an after-sales testing center. The quality system Complete coverage of the entire user experience process.

“The chemistry laboratory analyzes the components of atomized liquids and aerosols at the molecular level; the life science laboratory carries out safety testing at the cell and animal levels.” Wen Yilong said, “Through layer-by-layer testing, RELX implements quality assurance to in every detail of the product.”


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