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Is the ELF bar AF5000 a disposable pod vape or a pre-filled pod?

Dive into the future of vaping with the Elf Bar AF5000 Disposable Vape, a groundbreaking [...]

Imiracle brands ELFBAR and LOST MARY are supported by the Philippines and continue to increase their exposure to the Southeast Asian market

Recently, iMiracle’s brands ELFBAR and LOST MARY have successively released new products in the Philippines, [...]

ELFBAR launches new disposable products in the UK

To inspire sustainable development with product innovation, ELFBAR launches new disposable products in the UK [...]

MAZAJ, ARAB VAPE, and ELFBAR join hands at the 2024 Bahrain International Electronic Cigarette Exhibition

The Bahrain International E-Cigarette Exhibition, hosted by Sawa Services Co. and with Chiyang Exhibition as [...]

More than 30 Chinese e-cigarette companies including ELF BAR will come to Indonesia!

The upcoming Indonesian Jakarta Electronic Cigarette Exhibition (VAPE FAIR 2023) will be held at the [...]

iMiracle(Elf bar) debuted in Birmingham with a new generation of electronic atomization technology, QUAQ!

As the world’s leading e-cigarette brand giant, what new technologies did Miracle bring to Birmingham [...]

ELF BAR, AROMA KING,VOOPOO and other major brands will gather at the Birmingham Exhibition in the UK

Is there another market opportunity in the UK?!   This autumn, many big-brand Chinese e-cigarette [...]

ELF BAR and UWELL quickly expand into the UK

We will join hands with 47+ e-cigarette companies in China to launch a customer expansion [...]

ELF BAR and other top Chinese e-cigarette brands participated in the Birmingham Electronic Cigarette Exhibition in the UK

A European steam moment feast is coming, less than 20 days from now. The Birmingham [...]

FDA warns stores to stop selling Elf Bar, the top disposable e-cigarette in the US

This is the latest attempt by regulators to crack down on illegal disposable vapes that [...]

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