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ELF BAR, AROMA KING,VOOPOO and other major brands will gather at the Birmingham Exhibition in the UK

Is there another market opportunity in the UK?!   This autumn, many big-brand Chinese e-cigarette [...]

The best award at the British Autumn E-cigarette Show!

Best sweet taste Bar juice with Strawberry Ice Cream   Best fruit flavor Apache with Lychee [...]

Birmingham Electronic Cigarette Exhibition in October, the British market in mature markets

The “magnetic field” that global e-cigarette manufacturers, brands, and channels are paying attention to – [...]

ELF BAR and UWELL quickly expand into the UK

We will join hands with 47+ e-cigarette companies in China to launch a customer expansion [...]

ELF BAR and other top Chinese e-cigarette brands participated in the Birmingham Electronic Cigarette Exhibition in the UK

A European steam moment feast is coming, less than 20 days from now. The Birmingham [...]

Visit the shops in Berlin where e-cigarettes are sold in various forms in small shops and vending machines!

When I visited the Berlin market, I found that some kiosks were selling e-cigarettes, and [...]

Eastern European e-cigarette market is growing rapidly

Countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Russia. Despite the current increase in restrictions, [...]

What are the best vaping channels in the UK?

E-cigarette shops are one of the important channel forms in the UK, and it is [...]

Are e-cigarettes taxed globally? In fact, the e-cigarette market is becoming more and more standardized

IVG’s “four bombs at one time” turned out to be plagiarism? News on July 2. [...]

Many factories in China are going to Egypt to grab the e-cigarette market!

From “Burj Khalifa” to “Nile River”, a “golden line” of electronic cigarettes! Recently, many customers [...]

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